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More Maniacts Theatrical Release Details
December 5

Apparently the reported plans to release Maniacts this pas
t fall in "all major US markets" turned into nothing more than a test run in Dubuque, Iowa from August 30th to September 1st. According to Geoff Jarvis of RGH/Lions Share Pictures, the doomed test run failed, but will be given a full release this January in the Los Angeles area. Actor Ric Barela shares his opinions on the matter, adding that AMC theaters will likely cover the film. [Editors note: The page that previously existed on the last link has changed, however Google's cache of the original page is temporarily available here.]

The Pitts Production Already Underway
November 8

Filming for The Pitts has begun at the Twentieth Century Fox studios in Los Angeles, California. Audiences Unlimited, Inc is offering free tickets to join the studio audience. If you're in the LA area, don't miss this opportunity to see Kellie at work in-person, and get a sneak peak of the upcoming new show.

Maniacts US Theatrical Release Date Set
August 15

According to Fangoria, Palisades Entertainment will be giving a "limited break" to Maniacts in the United States starting August 30th, and ending sometime in November. This seems to match an earlier un-dated press release by Lion's Share Pictures.

Interview with Joseph Tsai from Maniacts
July 29

We were lucky enough to personally interview Maniacts Sound Effects Editor Joseph Tsai. You can find the interview and an updated biography in our articles section.

Should Cutler Become a Regular?
July 2

Over at The Trek BBS, a discussion has started asking whether Kellie's Enterprise character should join the regular cast in their upcoming second season. You can also voice your opinion in's Enterprise awards, which has nominated Kellie for "Best Supporting Actress". [Editors note: The results of the awards, in which Kellie placed second in her category, are available here.]

First News from The Pitts
June 22

We're the first known to report on Fox's new "microsite" for The Pitts. The name of Kellie's character is Liz Pitt, who "loves [her husband] for his always-optimistic outlook on life, but wishes he were not quite so trusting." You'll also find the first photos, straight from the set.

Articles Section Opened
June 7

An interview from the UK television magazine Cult Times, as well as a partial biography are now available in the articles section.

What's Keeping Her Busy
May 24

Kellie guest-starred in three episodes of Six Feet Under and another three of Enterprise during this year's television season. However, she also found time for theater, having just completed a 23-show run of An American Book of the Dead, the Game Show during April and May.

Gallery Section Opened
May 21

The gallery section is now open and filled with images from all over the net. Expect screenshots from Enterprise, Ally McBeal and Screenland Drive in the near future. Enjoy!

The Pitts Given Midseason Launch
May 17

Fox's announcement of their fall series lineup included confirmation of The Pitts to premiere sometime midseason. The live-action comedy will co-star Kellie Waymire with Dylan Baker, and be produced by The Simpsons executive producer, Mike Scully, and his wife, Julie Thacker. Scully hopes to develop a "flat-out funny" show based on a family who encounters bad luck at every turn.

May 17

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