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The Kellie Waymire Graduate Fellowship in Acting has been established to honor her memory and enable new generations to follow. Donations can be made through UC San Diego by searching Kellie's name.

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Enterprise Season One DVD Release
April 1, 2005
The North American (region 1) DVD release of the complete first season of Star Trek: Enterprise will see shelves May 3rd. This set will include every episode containing appearances by Kellie's fan-beloved character, Elizabeth Cutler. Additionally, The Digital Bits is reporting that the bonus disc included in the set will contain outtakes with some "light-hearted moments" of Kellie.

Enterprise Fans Donate in Kellie's Name
March 2, 2004
The Enterprise Project has announced that they have exceeded their fundraising goal, and that the excess funds will be donated to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the names of Jerry Fleck and Kellie Waymire. Also worth noting, Wonderfalls is set to premeire March 12th, in which Kellie is expected to have a guest role in one or more episodes.

UCSD Now Accepting Donations Online
January 28, 2004

For anyone wishing to donate to the Kellie Waymire Scholarship Fund to help establish a permanent endowment in her memory, you can now donate instantly and securely online using this form.

Everwood Episode Dedicated in her Memory
January 21, 2004

The episode of Everwood that Kellie was expected to be seen in aired this Monday on the WB. In "Family Dynamic" she plays a widow named Helen McGinns who is troubled by a promise made to her late husband. The episode ended with a photo of Kellie and the dedication, "In Memory of Kellie Waymire".

Mentions from Enterprise Staff
January 21, 2004
In a November chat, Scott Bakula ends his session with condolences, "For those of us who knew her, she was a beautiful, talented, and gifted young lady." And according to Trekweb, in this month's issue of Star Trek Communicator, Rick Berman responds to questions of her passing, saying the staff is discussing ways to honor her.

Three More Appearences Still Due
January 6, 2004

According to Variety, Kellie had done filming for both the WB's family drama Everwood, and the Fox "dramedy" Wonderfalls, prior to her death. There's no word yet on which episodes or when they are expected to air. The only new information on Something More comes from this article where co-star Tony Shalhoub mentions that the musical short is "due out later this year".

Autographed Kellie Trading Card Released
December 6, 2003
On November 19th, Rittenhouse Archives released the Enterprise Season 2 trading card set which included a rare card for Kellie Waymire as Crewman Elizabeth Cutler, each individually hand-signed with her autograph. The odds of getting the card is estimated at one per 380 packs.

Kellie's Death
December 6, 2003

On November 13th, 2003, Kellie Suzanne Waymire tragically and unexpectedly passed away in her home in Venice, California of an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia (cardiac arrest), likely related to mitral valve prolapse, a condition she was diagnosed with as a teenager. A private funeral was held on November 23rd in West Milton, Ohio. A public memorial service will be held on December 8th at UCLA in California. The Kellie Waymire Scholarship Fund has been created in her memory at UCSD.

EXCLUSIVE: The Vest Available on Webcast
October 2

Plagued with problems, The Manhattan Short Film Festival was postponed for 24 hours due to weather, then later the Internet webcast experienced "technical difficulties", keeping many online viewers from seeing it at all. However, an anonymous individual has submitted a link to us, which is showing the complete webcast, with The Vest shown at 2:17:40. (Requires a high-speed internet connection and an updated version of Windows Media Player).

New Musical Something More Appears
September 4

The Internet Movie Database is now listing a new short film titled, Something More, which is described as a musical comedy, crediting Kellie in third spot as "Mrs. Avery". The film is described as "in production", but an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, one of the credited cast, seems to indicate filiming finished earlier in March, leaving the film either in post-production, or pending an unknown release. Interview
August 30

As part of their "Enterprise Countdown to Season 3", has interviewed Kellie Waymire, with the interview available as a video download or text transcription. No word yet if her character, Elizabeth Cutler, will return this upcoming season.

Maniacts Now on DVD and VHS
July 17

Maniacts is now available to rent or own in the US or Canada, both online and in-store, including at major retailers such as Amazon and Blockbuster. Reviews can be found at, DVD Talk, Film Monthly,, Ed Baran Publicity, and the IMDb. The overall view of the film is that it feels low-budget and sometimes cheesy, but manages to be refreshingly unique, filling many genres successfully, being both funny, gory, emotional and sometimes just bizarre.

The Future of The Pitts
April 22

According to The Futon Critic, The Pitts was originally scheduled to continue another two weeks, ending May 11th, but was pulled early for May sweeps. They currently list the show as "on hiatus or fate to be determined". Many critics are predicting an end to the show, including those from the New York Daily News [mirror], the Chicago Sun-Times, and USA Today [mirror]. All of this, despite Fox advertising a return for the show "Sundays this Summer" on the official website, possibly as early as June 9th.

The Pitts News Roundup
April 15

In the current issue of People Magazine, you'll find The Pitts leading the "Picks & Pans" section with a full-page article. Terry Kelleher's favorable review ends with the bottom line, "Always crazy, often funny". Next Sunday, two new episodes of The Pitts will be airing, one at the usual timeslot, another two to three hours earlier. The latter episode will guest-star Eddie McClintock (A.U.S.A., Friends), who Kellie would know quite well, having co-starred with him in Screenland Drive, which was produced at a time when both stars were quite unknown. Also, some have taken notice that April 27th's listings fail to show any sign of The Pitts, instead being replaced by Oliver Beene, citing some to rumor of the show's early demise.

Results from The Pitts
April 1

The overnight rankings reported from Zap2it give The Pitts premiere a "so-so" Neilson rating of 5.0, and a share of 9. The show's official message board has been hot with debate, creating a clear split among fans and non-fans. While the common complaint is the show's laugh track, credit has been given to the show's over-the-top humor and sense of family unity.

The Vest Awarded at Premiere
March 30

At its Florida Film Festival premiere, The Vest lead its category by bringing home both the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Short and the Audience Award for Best Short Film. This is the best showing the film could of possibly made.

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Footage from The Pitts
March 6

Thanks to an anonymous individual, we've been leaked footage of Fox's upcoming sitcom The Pitts, including the opening theme, and the opening shot of an unknown episode. To the best of our knowledge, this footage has not been publicly shown anywhere else!

Trek Fans Want Cutler Back
February 11

According to a recent pole on The Trek BBS, Kellie's Enterprise character, Elizabeth Cutler, tops all others as the character they would most like to see return to the show.

New Short Film The Vest
February 10
A ten-minute short film, in which Kellie stars along side
Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me), and child actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (24), has been revealed by Door To Door Films. According to the IMDB listing for the film, it will be premiered at the Florida Film Festival on March 8th, which has just opened ticket sales to the general public starting February 3rd. [Editors note: The festival's new schedule confirms the premiere for March 9th]

The Pitts Set To Premiere
February 9

Fox has given The Pitts a premiere of March 30th, in the Sunday 9:30pm EST time slot following Malcom In The Middle. In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Fretts gives The Pitts a "hot" rating in "the best and worst new TV shows".

Maniacts Now Showing, Video Coming Soon
January 19

In an unpublished press release, RGH/Lions Share Pictures announces showings of Maniacts in the Santa Monica and West Hollywood Laemmle theaters each Friday and Saturday at midnight, starting January 17th. The VHS and DVD release is confirmed for May or June 2003.

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